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Welcome to our Open Market platform of exchange. We truly believe in a open market free from centralization that support developers and projects of all sizes, any algo, token assest, etc, etc you name it. In a time where it is becoming more and more difficult to list a crypto-currency (mainly in-part to huge listing fees) we offer an alternative for coin supports to openly and securely list their coins for exchange. As the coin lister/seller you will have complete control of price, escrow terms  Set by lister/seller) and what crypto-currency trading pairs you are willing to accept. Buyers are able to browse a list of crypto ads, preview the seller escrow terms, view sellers feedback ratings and execute orders with confidence. Here you will have exclusive member access to list any crypto-currency for exchange trading and best of all your purchase are secured by escrow service SETESCROW. Our payment transaction partner is secure all payments until the terms of escrow have been satisfied and all parties are happy. 

Not only are you able to list crypto-currency coins for exchange but with our Market Zone platform you are able to list any items for sale, just as you would on ebay except you are listing your price in crypto and buyers will have the same options of making payment via any crypto-currency that you set and each exchange is backed by escrow service.

Developers of crypto-currency and potential investors have an outlet available in our ICO Center. Here developers are able to list their project and secure crowdfunding  and investors are able to browse their work and decide if they want to offer support. The ICO's develper is able to pre-sales coins and accept any crypto-currency of their choice and investers have the piece of mind in knowing that their investment is back by escrow to ensure that if the project developer does not live up to the terms set in the project escrow then they are able to have that investment returned to them.

What are you waiting for? Your currency is decentralize, why not decentralize your trading.

Membership is on a annual basis and in NOT an auto-renew however you will receive a notification prior to your current renewal ending.

Why is there a cost?

Since we have no listing fees for the coins it make it easier and simpler to offer this type of exchange trading. There is no voting system and no waiting. NicNacCoins platform does not charge a trading fee. (3rd party payment processor does charge small transaction fee for maintaining the client for each trading pair wallet).

How do I get started?

First purchase your annual membership by clicking the "Join or Renew your Membership" button. Next you will be taken to our payment processor that will provide you with all of the avail crypto-currency that can be used to make payment. Once your payment have been confirmed (times will vary depending on the currency) you will receive an email with a link to complete your account registration. That's it.

How do I list my coins for trade?

You will need to setup a Merchant account with our payment processor and will be given a Merchant Account Number. There you will also set your escrow terms and list all of the crypto-currency pairs you are willing to accept as payment. Once that is done you simply submit a coin listing form from the Private Member access and your coins are now listed for exchange. Once a buyer makes payment you will be altered via email from the escrow provider that a new escrow transaction has been initiated. Both the lister and buyer are provided links via email to view the status of the transactions. If terms of the escrow are not fulfilled then the buyer is returned their payment. Buys are able to dispute transactions anytime during the escrow period or release funds sooner if they are completely satisfied. Buyers are also able to leave feedback regarding their transactions to assist future buyers of a coin/item trader.

*Coin exchange, Market Zone and ICO's will have to have a seperate Merchant Account Number if the escrow terms differ. 


 *Please include your correct email address into order.
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